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Title:  Base Telecommunications Systems Operation & Maintenance

           Department of Defense - US Air force


Trans-Tel Role




Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

2006 to 2011

Description of Work Performed:  Trans-Tel provided all personnel, equipment, parts, material, tools, and other necessary items and services to operate and maintain the telecommunications systems at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.  Trans-Tel operated and maintained the Dial Central Office  MSL 100 Switching System equipped with 6 remotes and approximately 7,000 lines as well as the Meridian 1 Option 61C at the billeting office equipped with 400 lines. Responsibilities also included operation and maintenance (O&M) of LAN/data connections; all ancillary systems; inside/outside cable plant; approximately 17 key systems; service; and all premise equipment moves, adds, and changes. The Base Telecommunications System (BTS) outside cable plant consists of approximately 245,000 feet of multi-pair copper cable and 177,000 feet of multi-strand fiber optic in direct bury and underground systems. We were responsible for O&M of the base Land Mobile Radio connectivity. Telephone service (wiring) is provided to the base military housing and dormitories. We also provided technical assistance, and implementation of new systems/facilities, upgrades and modifications to the BTS on a work order basis.  We were responsible for proposing technical improvements to the BTS including design, installation engineering, site preparation, installation, test, and cutover for existing and new BTS systems/equipment. This contract included the update of all existing communications drawings/documentation and conversion to electronic format in CAD. Drawings were then maintained/updated as required in CAD.


  • Site Management: Trans-Tel provided an on-site BTS Manager responsible for the day-to-day operations of the site.  Trans-Tel provided technically qualified and certified personnel, parts, materials, tools, and services necessary to perform successful configuration, operation, and maintenance of the base telecommunications system 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
  • Inside Plant:  Trans-Tel certified technicians performed PMI’s and configuration of switching    system(s) and voice mail, operations and maintenance of transmission and ancillary equipment.
  • Customer Services:  Trans-Tel technicians responded to and restored service outages.  Installation of telecommunications wiring in dormitories, some military family housing, visiting airmen’s and officer’s quarters, and temporary lodging facilities were accomplished on this contract.
  • Outside Plant (Cable): Trans-Tel manages, engineers, operates, maintains, and repairs the Government owned copper and fiber cable plant.  Trans-Tel outside plant (OSP)/cable technicians are responsible for each critical component of the outside cable plant.  Trans-Tel OSP technicians locate and mark buried cables to reduce the likelihood of damage to the cable during excavation.
  • Work Requests:  Trans-Tel provided recurring support service work orders for purchase, install, deactivate/reactivate, remove and relocate.
  • Site Surveys:  Trans-Tel performed site surveys at the request of the Government and provided a solution to the Government in the form of a draft work order comprised of the scope of work, materials, and labor required to complete the job.
  • Contractor Reports:  Trans-Tel maintains all work center records to include, but not limited to: PMI schedules/inspection records/malfunction reports, cable installation test results, maintenance and repair logs, Communications-Computer Systems Installation Records (CSIRS), scheduled service interruption records, recurring support service orders records (including warranty records).




Title:  VA Medical Center and Related Facilities Voice and Data Infrastructure

           Support and Services Department of Veteran Affairs




Trans-Tel Role




23 VA Locations (see below)

2003 to 2011

Alexandria, Louisiana  |  Grand Junction, Colorado  |  New Orleans, Louisiana  |  Atlanta, Georgia

Gulf Port, Mississippi  |  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  |  Augusta, Georgia  |  Houston, Texas

Sacramento, California  |  Biloxi, Mississippi  |  Jackson Mississippi  |  San Francisco, California

Cheyenne, Wyoming  |  Little Rock, Arkansas  |  Shreveport, Louisiana  |  Columbia, South Carolina  Martinez, California  |  Tucson, Arizona  |  Fayetteville, Arkansas  |  Montgomery, Alabama

Tuskegee, Alabama  |  Ft. Harrison, Montana  |  Muskogee, Oklahoma



Description of Work Performed:  Trans-Tel was responsible for modernization of VA Medical Center voice and data infrastructure at each of the above locations.  This included the design, engineering and installation of PBX Voice and Data Switches and the associated cable infrastructure to support the facilities and customers at each location.


A typical location contained 3,000 to 7,000 telephones and existing wiring that comprised the existing phone system. Trans-Tel would survey the existing infrastructure and determine what cabling could be re-used and where new cabling was needed. We installed all new cabling and the replacement phone switch in parallel with the existing system. After installation and testing of the paralleled system was completed, we performed weekend (Friday 2100 to Monday 0700) cutover to the new system with no interruption in service.




Title:  Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 18 Voice and Data Infrastructure Maintenance Support and Services Department of Veteran Affairs


Trans-Tel Role




Seven (7) Locations (see below)

2009 to Present

VAMC Phoenix, AZ  |  VAMC Prescott, AZ  |  VAMC Tucson, AZ

VAMC Albuquerque, NM  |  VAMC Amarillo, TX  |  VAMC El Paso, TX  |  VAMC Big Spring, TX



Description of Work Performed: Maintenance services include instruments, cable plant, battery backup, system alarms and all interfaced ancillary systems, such as voice mail, automated attendant, and telecommunications management system. We also provide telephone system security, documentation, inventory control, and a seven day, twenty-four hour contact center for emergency, routine maintenance and follow-on service.


Trans-Tel maintains all voice cable connections and performs Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC) requested by VA staff. We also provide the most current version of user manuals and publications for all follow-on equipment and software.


We provide preventative maintenance service on the PBX and all ancillary PBX equipment in order to achieve a 99.99 Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Rate at all VAMCs and clinics under this contract.

Trans-Tel maintains a direct relationship with all PBX manufacturers for diagnostic support, software and hardware upgrades and authorization to sub-license software for use with new systems for the full duration of the contract.


Trans-Tel maintains the telephone system performance reliability at 99.99% per year, and where implemented, VoIP reliability is 99.999%.


Trans-Tel notifies the VA Telecommunication Managers (for each site) 30 days in advance of system/plan downtime, upgrades, and any other disruption to the system during non-duty hours.

Trans-Tel performs system and working file backups and restorations to protect the government from loss of systems and data. We also provide data archive procedures to protect data from disasters. We also provide users access to their voice mail from within the medical center and from remote locations.






Title:  Iowa City VA Medical Center and Clinics Veterans Guest Internet Access (VGIA)




Trans-Tel Role




11 Locations (see below)

2013 to Present

Iowa City VAHCS  |  Bettendorf, IA CBOC  |  Cedar Rapids, IA CBOC |  Coralville, IA CBOC

Decorah, IA CBOC  |  Dubuque, IA CBOC  |  Galesburg, IL CBOC  |  Ottumwa, IA CBOC  |  Quincy, IL CBOC

Sterling, IL CBOC  |  Waterloo, IA CBOC



Description of Work Performed:  Trans-Tel installed all fiber optic and CAT 6 cabling, network switches, power supplies, and all other related infrastructure for 133 Alcatel Wireless Access Points (WAPs) for the Iowa City VAHCS and 10 Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) for a substantial geographic area of the VISN-23 district.


We also provided robust Fortinet Firewall protection and OmniVista 3600 Air Manager Software suite for a single server managing up to 200 devices (controllers, wireless access points, switches, etc.) to provide remote troubleshooting capability and to collect and report data usage, virus threats and all other information required by the VA.


We are currently providing 24/7/365 remote support with locally sub-contracted on-site technical support available within 24 hours of reported problem. We are pleased to report that the system has had only a few minor problems that have been resolved through our off-site technicians.