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Teaming and Partners

Trans-Tel has built a reputation for on-time contract performance and quality in highly sensitive and secure environments – military bases, federal, state, and municipal government facilities, hospital complexes, refineries, chemical plants, and educational campuses. In evaluating each opportunity, Trans-Tel draws from its array of internal and external expertise to create the best engineering, technical, operational, and management teams to deliver the performance, value, and cost objectives our customers expect.


In the words of founder Jack Morgan, “Quality is the highest priority of this company. Our promise to our customers is that the quality of our performance will never be compromised.”


Trans-Tel is the right company to partner with to complete contracts on budget, on time, with the technical and management expertise today’s mission critical demands require.

Teaming and Partner Opportunities

Trans-Tel has a successful history of partnering with great companies of all sizes to meet the performance and value requirements of our customers.


We’re also constantly looking for new teaming opportunities that allow us to fully deploy our engineering, technical, operational and management expertise.

We understand what it takes to be a great partner and team member and most importantly, we deliver.


If you’d like to discuss a partnering or teaming arrangement with Trans-Tel on a current or future opportunity, contact us below:





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