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Trans-Tel has certified OSP RCDD’s, Project Managers with PMP and ITIL credentials. Our highly experienced teams have installed OSP infrastructure and cabling systems throughout the US. All of our OSP teams have been trained in underground construction and/or aerial construction.  Safety is our highest priority for our OSP teams and they have been certified in (confined spaces, heavy equipment operations, bucket truck operations, pole climbing, gas detection, OSHA training)


Outside Plant Skill sets include:

  • Underground construction of conduit and manholes (Direct buried or Concrete encased)
  • Directional Boring. (Wet boring, Jack & Bore Method and Steel Casing installation)
  • Installation of innerduct. (Geo textile fabric, HDPE and PVC)
  • Installation of fiber optic cable or copper. (Pulled-in or Blown-in)
  • Aerial cable construction (Pole framing, strand placement, self-supporting and lashing)
  • Splicing and testing (Fiber optic cable, Coax and Copper cable)
  • Concrete coring (Manhole entries and Building entries)
  • Plowing. (Direct buried or innerduct)

Outside Plant Construction (OSP)