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Trans-Tel Central LLC has installed ISP infrastructure since 1974. Over the years we have evolved with the ever changing need to expand bandwidth and data transfer capability of the high capacity building cabling systems we install.


Today’s need to integrate IP telephone and paging, data, access control, and environmental monitoring require a robust and specifically designed cable plant. Trans-Tel understands these requirements and provides cable systems that help prevent loss of productivity and save your company money.


I. National Codes and Standards

◦ Ansi


◦ Bicsi



II. Building Infrastructure

◦ Data Center Design & Installation

◦ Telecommunication Room Build-out

◦ Video & Controlled Access Design and Installation

◦ Voice and Data Transmission Products

◦ Telephone Switch Products and Installation

◦ Emergency Telephone Power Systems and Batteries

◦ Video Network components

◦ Pathways and spaces

◦ Support structures

◦ Single building & campus designs

◦ Network Electronics Design, Installation & Maintenance


III. Media

◦ Copper, coax, optical fiber, other cables, wireless

◦ Bandwidth the size of the digital pipeline

◦ Horizontal Distribution Design & Installation

◦ Backbone/Riser Distribution Systems

◦ Power requirements


IV. Protecting Personnel and Equipment

◦ Electric code issues

◦ Telecommunications standards issues

◦ Electrical protection for equipment

◦ Grounding and Bonding


V. Testing and Documentation

◦ CAT 5e, CAT 6, and CAT 6A Termination, Testing and certification

◦ Single and Multi-Mode Fiber Termination, Testing and certification

◦ Project Scheduling

◦ CAD Rack Elevations

◦ CAD As Builts


VI. Inspecting the Work

◦ Physical inspections

◦ Testing & Certification of cabling system

◦ Quality Assurance and Quality Control

◦ MAC Services (Moves, Adds, and Changes) and Repair


Inside Plant (ISP)