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Trans-Tel Central, Inc. provides advanced telecommunications solutions across the federal, state, municipal, and commercial marketplaces. Our customer focused approach to system design, development, and implementation creates customized, integrated solutions that respond directly to the requirements of our customers.

Legal Company Name:

Trans-Tel Central, Inc

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Bonding Capacity:

25 million

SBA Designation

Woman-Owned Small Business

NAICS Code(s):

237130; 238210, 238910,  517919, 541512, 541513

Security License:

OK #1913

We have completed more than $360 million of work over the past decade. Centrally located in Norman, Oklahoma, Trans-Tel’s reach extends around the world including projects on 37 military bases in 30 states, 27 VA Medical Centers in 14 states and three OCONUS sites. We are experienced working in sensitive, secure environments and currently participate as a 2nd tier subcontractor on multiple contract vehicles including: Netcents I, Netcents II (Full/Open and Small Business), IMOD, Alliant, and IMCS III.












































More than 40 years in business has given Trans-Tel the experience and expertise required to make even the most complex projects successful.  JOBTRACK, our proprietary software, controls labor and material use on every project. Certifications include BICSI RCDD and RTPM; and BICSI technicians specializing in the engineering, integration, operation and maintenance of telecommunications and information technology infrastructure. Our team includes field technicians who are safety certified and compliant with OSHA standards. Innovation makes Trans-Tel unique. Experience sets Trans-Tel apart as a provider of solutions anytime, anywhere. A longstanding commitment to quality makes Trans-Tel your ideal partner.


Job Track Software


Trans-Tel Central, Inc.’s proprietary Job Tracker software is used to control labor and material utilization on each job. Job progress is controlled by on-site Project Managers who enter labor hours and material usage specific to job line items on a timely basis. This software optimizes resource deployment, increases resource accountability, increases customer requirements responsiveness, reduces unnecessary expenditures providing maximum return on value to the customer.


Certifications and Qualifications


• BICSI Certified Technicians

• BICSI Certified RCDD’s

• ITIL Site Managers

• RTPM - Registered Telecommunications Project Manager

• PMP - Project Management Professionals

• OSP Construction Crews

• Trained and Certified in Safety Procedures



Engineering & Design Services

Outside Plant Construction

Site Survey & Design (SS&D)

Project Management

Outside Plant Construction & Cabling


Inside Plant Construction & Cabling

Trenching, Plowing & Boring

Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Manhole & Conduit Systems

Towers and Antennas

Underground Cable Installation

AutoCAD Services

Site Restoration

Geospatial Information Services (GIS)

Aerial (power space certified)

Furnish, Install, Terminate & Test

Pole setting & Replacement

Fiber Optic – fusion splice, O.T.D.R. / O.L.T.S. testing

Strand & Cable Installation (lashed, ADSS, OPGW)

Copper – Coax, Cat 5, 5e, 6, 6a; High count Copper

Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

VOIP System Installation and Cut Over

Inside Plant Construction

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Project Management

Paging Systems

Cabinets, Racks, Conduit, Cable Trays, & Pathway Installation


Data Center Installation

Digital Signage

Structured Cabling – install, terminate & test

Product Distribution

Main Distribution Frame (MDF)

LAN Network Electronics

Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF)

LAN Network wiring components

Specialty Construction

Fiber Optic Cable and Accessories

Tower and Antenna Installation

Voice and Data Transmission Products

Military grade concrete determent towers

Video Network components

Communication Shelters

Cabinets, Racks, Conduit, Cable Tray, etc.

Communication Huts

Other Services


Project Management

MAC (Moves, Adds & Changes)

End User Operations & Maintenance Training

Inside Plant Service Agreements


Outside Plant Service Agreements


Data Center MDF/IDF rehabilitation & upgrades




Telephone Switch Products and Installation


Emergency Telephone Power Systems and Batteries

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